Don't Take Any Notice Of This $181 Million Lottery Winner Photo, And Here's Why


STORY: IBTThis photo has been making the rounds of social media since last year, and is still being passed on by readers who think it's real. But it's not what it seems.

The lottery winner photo was generated by 'Breaking News' using a photo that has been posted online as far back as March 2009. The website puts a tv station logo on the caption and provides a fake headline.

The tagline under the photo usually reads, "Can you believe it? This guy wins $181 million in the lottery on a Wednesday, and then finds the love of his life just 2 days later. Talk about LUCK!!!!"

Captions on the same image making the rounds mostly read the same. Sometimes there will be additional comments calling the woman a 'gold digger,' but they are all based on a reworking of this old image.

Our advice... have a laugh then delete it.