When Jimmy Fallon Opened The Powerball Lottery Ticket Given By Magician Dan White, The Audience Went Crazy

Jimmy Fallon introduces his guest, magician Dan White on to the Tonight Show.

You knew what was coming but you really didn't believe it. When comedian and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon was made assistant to magician Dan White, the result had the audience screaming.

Dan White started by saying he had bought a gift for Jimmy, and began the trick by asking Jimmy to  throw a white ball into the audience.

The person catching it had to give a number between 1 and 60 which represented the amount of money that Dan had spent on the gift.

The first audience member said he thought the amount was $25.00. The second said $47, a third said $52, and a fourth said $4.00. The fifth said $59.00, and the last one said $31.00.

"If I were to ask you if these numbers are random," Dan White continued, "you would probably say that they were. How much do you think I actually spent?" Fallon said $1,000, but to much laughter it turned out to be $2.

Inside the gift package was a lottery ticket, which had cost $2, so at least that was right.

Fallon was asked to read out the exact numbers on the lottery ticket. Amazingly they matched the numbers that the audience members had called out.

The number 31 was correctly chosen as the Power Ball number.

Have you thought about getting Dan to choose your lottery numbers!


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